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day 5

[The fifth day doesn't dawn at all. In fact, the sky simply isn't there anymore; the only thing visible if you look up is pure black nothing. Most of the carnival itself is no longer visible, having been blanketed by thick white fog; any attempt to enter said fog will result in your body rapidly disintegrating. The street at least still seems to be intact, but with no way out and the fog slowly creeping in, who knows how long that'll last?

Luckily, it seems like the cavalry has finally arrived.]

(OOC: This marks the last day of the event! Anyone who has won a prize from Mayfield's carnival will be able to access both Mayfield and this area through the funhouse, and will be able to take one person with them on each trip they make. If your character is not rescued by the end of the day, they will be disintegrated by the fog and will wake up the next morning in Mayfield with the standard revival effects. You are free to comment in this post regardless of whether your character signed up for the event.)
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I don't expect you to be able to pull my weight, so if something gives way underneath me, I am letting go. It will give both of us a better chance of helping each other.

[She peeks in the kitchen as they pass by, sighing when her gun and flashlight are not by the refrigerator.]
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Alright...I just hope it doesn't than.

[Because, you know, caring about people is what he does. But it's true. He couldn't hold her even if he wanted to. Being a little boy usually did that.]

I don't see anything yet...

[He moves his flash light around the room trying to illuminate the dark corners.]
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[He had said he wanted to go and investigate. He had hoped to provide some form of aide to the others... but he was finding it difficult to walk. Taking note of the front door, he slowly entered.]
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[Olivier hears the addition to their party and turns, drawing her sword and putting an arm across Henry to herd him behind her if necessary.]

Who's there?
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[Aaaaaaaaaaaaand shoved behind Olivier. But not before raising his gun and holding it ready to shoot.]

We're armed!

[His voice kind of falters a little bit because...well...he's still a kid.]
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[He shakes his head and comes further into view.]

S'only me... I was curious if I could somehow help ya...

... Th' door was open, figured I'd use it.
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It's okay, Henry, he's a friend.

[She sheaths her sword.]

We're going to head for the basement. Do you think you're up for it?
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Oh, okay.

[Well if they could talk normally and not go into a berserk rage when hearing them, Henry believes it's probably safe. Lowering the gun, he looks out from behind Olivier...and OOOOOOOOOOOOOH MYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY. This man looked like he was half dead. Probably starving, not to mention hugely gashed up and stuff. Henry looks horrified, but it soon turns to a look of worry.

He's going to walk out from behind Olivier and pull out a pear from his bag.]

If you're going to come with us, you need your strength.

[He places the fruit in the man's hand.]
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[In all honesty, he wasn't expecting to be offered any manner of food. He's hesitant at first, but immediately takes a large bite of the fruit. He was hungry enough to nearly eat the entire thing.]

... thanks... I need ya two t' understand... y'all will be hearin' gunfire ... but won't be seein' anything. Don't be alarmed ... if there's anything down there don't waste yer own ammo... unless ... its somethin' I can't hit...
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[She follow's Henry's example and holds out her last canteen to Hol.]

Some water from the other Mayfield.

[She nods, recalling her first experience with him in Mayfield. Wondering just how dangerous it had been to make him angry.]

You're that good of a shot?
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[Henry just is looking up watching the man eat. Then he's talking about not wasting ammo or something because apparently he has a good shot? It's a little confusing.]

Right...I'll hold off...
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[He took the canteen and took a quick swig of the water. He looked to the floor for a moment and decided it was best to simply show them...

He discarded the sliver of fruit that was left, hey, he was hungry... and set the canteen down.


[Summoning his Stand, which looked pretty silly to normal people, made it look like he was merely pointing his hand out. The hand was obviously gripping something... that's the best way to describe seeing an invisible gun...

He pulled the trigger, and the sound of a gunshot could be heard. However, once the bullet that was fired, seconds later it struck the floorboards right behind him.
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[She nods, trying not to look too impressed.]

Then I'll leave the shooting to you.

[She holsters her gun, letting her hand rest on the hilt of her sword. She much preferred it anyway. She looks from Hol to Henry.]

If anything happens that leaves me immobile, make sure to get Henry out before trying to help me.
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[Magic, invisible guns. That has to be pretty cool. Henry just smiles up at Hol, obviously impressed as well.

Henry probably doesn't hear what Olivier says though to Hol as he's looking down the basement stairwell.]