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day 5

[The fifth day doesn't dawn at all. In fact, the sky simply isn't there anymore; the only thing visible if you look up is pure black nothing. Most of the carnival itself is no longer visible, having been blanketed by thick white fog; any attempt to enter said fog will result in your body rapidly disintegrating. The street at least still seems to be intact, but with no way out and the fog slowly creeping in, who knows how long that'll last?

Luckily, it seems like the cavalry has finally arrived.]

(OOC: This marks the last day of the event! Anyone who has won a prize from Mayfield's carnival will be able to access both Mayfield and this area through the funhouse, and will be able to take one person with them on each trip they make. If your character is not rescued by the end of the day, they will be disintegrated by the fog and will wake up the next morning in Mayfield with the standard revival effects. You are free to comment in this post regardless of whether your character signed up for the event.)
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[From behind the walls of mirrors echoes the sound of a horse's hooves. The tea table effortlessly soars across the broken glass as Lucas returns through from the other side, having retrieved his most trusty mode of transportation. He comes to a stop immediately upon seeing someone else wandering the funhouse.]

Keep going! That hole - see it back there? It will bring you back to Mayfield!
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[Oh hey, it's some strange kid.]

O-oh. There's finally a bloody exit?
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Right. Those big black holes down the path. They look scary, but it'll take you back.

[...If Crowley has no prize, he may not be able to see whatever it is Lucas seems to be emphatically pointing out.]
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[Which Crowley has not. He blinks in the direction he's pointing in.]

I'm not following, mate.
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Here, get on. I'll show you.

[Lucas will not chalk this up to any supernatural requirement yet, but simply maybe this person wasn't terribly observant. It's only two dozen feet or so away, so it's not like it's a huge inconvenience.]
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[He eyes the tea table for a moment before climbing aboard.]

Right, then...
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[It takes maybe forty steps before they pull up at the edge of one of the rifts.]

OK. Just keep walking straight forward and you should make it through.
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Make it through what?
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I... I think I'll just take you.

[Lucas turns back to give Crowley a concerned look before the table trots straight through the rift. ...Everything goes dark for a few moments.]
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[Oh, what the hell is....? Bollocks are we getting back to Mayfield proper?

Once on the other side he hops off the table.]

This looks better. Thanksss.

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Ah, I'm going to go back in. Let the others here know that there's a way through now! I don't know if they can get in - they probably don't want to get in - but they'll be happy to know that we're able to escape, anyway.

Thanks and goodbye!

[And Lucas backs up a few paces to vanish back into oblivion.]
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Right, right.

[He watches as he disappears and then makes his way back into town.]