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day 5

[The fifth day doesn't dawn at all. In fact, the sky simply isn't there anymore; the only thing visible if you look up is pure black nothing. Most of the carnival itself is no longer visible, having been blanketed by thick white fog; any attempt to enter said fog will result in your body rapidly disintegrating. The street at least still seems to be intact, but with no way out and the fog slowly creeping in, who knows how long that'll last?

Luckily, it seems like the cavalry has finally arrived.]

(OOC: This marks the last day of the event! Anyone who has won a prize from Mayfield's carnival will be able to access both Mayfield and this area through the funhouse, and will be able to take one person with them on each trip they make. If your character is not rescued by the end of the day, they will be disintegrated by the fog and will wake up the next morning in Mayfield with the standard revival effects. You are free to comment in this post regardless of whether your character signed up for the event.)
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[The sound awakens Crowe and he stares at the open sky for a few moments, almost paralyzed. He's on his feet soon, though, making a break for it. Not that he knows where he's going, or how long he can stay on his feet. He's only had minimal amounts of food and drink to keep him going the last few days. He doesn't have much energy to spare.]
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[Tachikoma is making sure other are getting out of the church when it spots Crowe wobbly trying to escape.]

Mister! Are you okay? Quick, come this way!!
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[What little adrenaline he has left gets him moving, but it's clear he won't last long.]

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[Tachikoma sensors can monitor some things about organic creatures, and that along with how Crowe is moving, it can see he might not make it without help! It speeds over to him quickly, picking him up gently with his claws.]

Here! Climb on so I can get you out of here quickly!
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[He was about to argue, mostly surprised at being picked up. But he knows he can't make it out of here alone. Good thing he's agile and he climbs right on.]

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[Tachikoma takes a moment to make sure he's situated and starts booking out of there!]

It's no problem! With things deteriorating like this, I'd hate to see someone left behind!

[And yes, Tachikoma keeps talking as it moves out of the church. No Major to reprimand it for the chatter currently.]

I hope with things falling apart, that means whatever is keeping us here is broken too!