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welcome to mayfield: day 3

[Those who wake up in the town on the third day will soon notice that something's definitely off. The cracks in the sky are appearing more frequently and lasting for minutes at a time, and there's a strange white fog drifting over the clouds.

For those who've just arrived, welcome to our new little town! We're sure you're glad to see your missing friends again; nothing to worry about here, they've just been too busy enjoying the upgraded carnival to go back home. Any bleeding limbs or serious wounds you may spot are obviously just a sign of how much fun they've been having.]

OOC: If your character damages or affects the carnival or town in a noticeable and normally permanent way, please comment here.
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Thank you! ♪

[Rin turns the way she came from, and leads them to House 1 as fast as she can.]

It's this one! ♪

[she points, and hangs back so she's not in the way.]
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[Luke by now drifting between unconsciousness and consciousness, but the commotion from outside causes him to glance up.

He tries to speak again, but nothing comes out. Everything hurts so much and he doesn't want to be alone in here.

Someone help...]
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[Gakupo follows Rin to the house, which he had noticed earlier on the first day. No one could get in then, so he didn't bother trying. it opens? Well, not really. Oh this is confusing.

He stands off to the side, drawing his sword, which is just a bit similar to a rapier. The blade is thin but still had a sharp edge. How he misses Miburi.]
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[the adrenaline's kicked in by the time they reach the house, and what do you know - it's the same one from yesterday. the exact same one he and Rapunzel got stuck in. he should know because there's the broken window they leapt out of. he considers yelling at the kid inside to see if he can make his way out that way too, but if he's really in as much pain as Rin is implying, then that might just make things worse.

whatever. excessive force it is, then.]

Hang on!

[whether that's said to address Luke or Rin is irrelevant because he's already started to chop at the door, hitting at it with hard, violent strikes.]
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[Help. Someone help me.

Luke's breathing grows quicker at the loud noise, and he uses his unhurt hand to try pulling his hat down over his face in an attempt to brace himself for whatever is coming through that door.]
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[Now that she doesn't think she'll get in the way of his swings, Rin follows after Once-ler, her hands clasped together nervously.

...Was that Luke's voice?]

Luke, hang on! We're coming to get you right now! ♪
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[He hopes this door won't last much longer. Humans tend to be fragile, and dissolving fingers were a Very Bad Thing.]

Can you hear us, Luke?
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[one - TWACK - after - THWACK - another. barely a minute and a half in and he's already tearing a sizable hole into the door. knocking a few shards of wood aside with the blunt end of the blade, he keeps at it until the door is weak enough to be kicked down, which he then attempts with a strained grunt.]
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[Voices. He could hear them on the other side of the door, they were coming to get him out! He'll try to weakly call out, feeling sluggish and drained as he continues to bleed.]


[And with a cough, he'll try making his voice louder.]

Help me!
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[and then Rin remembers something, and turns urgently to the other members of the rescue party.]

Guys, when we get inside, no one touch the scratches behind the corpse, okay? That's what caused this - Gakupo, you should probably hold your nose... ♪
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[Good, Luke is conscious.

Oh, right, dead body is in there. Yet...]
! If there's something smelly in there, I'd rather not taste it through the air!
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[yeah, oh. guess who just forgot about the dead body.]

How 'bout we just not touch anything? [he gives the door one more hearty chop for good measure.] And here's another tip: hold your ears closed.

[he's not in the mood to go deaf again. once was more than enough, thank you very much.

he kicks the door again. and one more time. it finally gives way with some resistance and boom - the way is opened. gasping, he lowers the axe slowly. there's his workout for the day. the boy is laying on the ground several feet away and Once-ler takes the first step inside, hurrying to Luke's side.

just gonna ignore that dead body over there for the time being, yup.]
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[Luke watches three other people rush in, including Rin, before fear finally gives way to relief. The pain was still pretty intense, but with as much blood as he's lost, he's hit by a wave of exhaustion.

He glances up at Once-ler first, reaching out his bloodied hand.]
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[Rin hurries in as well, and pauses at the piteous sight of Luke reaching his bloody hand towards the Once-ler. He's still conscious... he must be in so much pain...

Rin's starting to get a bit choked up. But she feels like they need to talk to him.]

It's... gonna be okay now... ♪
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[Gakupo storms in behind, sword at the ready in case something jumps out at them. At seeing Luke in such...horrible condition, Gakupo widens his eyes with a shudder. What the hell is going on...]

We need to get him out, now. we can chat later. [Ignoring that dead body, too. Oh man...]
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[outside, there's the sound of someone very heavy running very fast, toward the house

his voice is just coming into earshot]

♪ Rin? Rin!!
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[Once-ler's stomach lurches at the sight of Luke's hand and he instinctively starts to cringe away. there's so much blood, and if it wasn't for the encounter with the monster at the carnival with Clover to set the record straight, he'd say that it's the most he's ever seen. he doesn't have to be a doctor to tell that the kid's in deep trouble. he might die; he will die if they stay here any longer.]

It's okay. [his voice is quiet, no doubt in some attempt to come off as soothing, but it's too shaky for that as he forces himself to stoop down over Luke, setting down his axe so he can pick him up.] We're... We're gonna take you outta here.

[he looks over at Rin and opens his mouth to tell her to hold his axe for him, but it closes with a snap the moment he hears someone outside.]
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[Luke does know it's not looking good for him, and with how everyone's acting his hand must look pretty gruesome right now. Now that his fear and panic from the door closing on him have subsided, he can focus on the pain from his missing fingers.

He's past the point of talking, but...he's going to be okay, right? That's what they were here for.

Luke looks up at everyone who's piled into the room with glassy eyes, making a choking sound in response. He wanted to sleep so much right now.]
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[Of course Len would find her soon. Her cries had been pretty loud. Rin wipes her eyes, and notices the look Once-ler has. She quickly explains,]

T-That's my brother, he must have heard me. ♪

[she can't tear herself away from the scene, though. He'd better catch up on his own.]
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[Gakupo goes over to Luke and picks him up bridal style in his arms, blood be damned. It's going to be so hard to get out later. He walks to the door and sees Len approaching.]

Good, more help. [Pauses] Although I'm not sure what you're going to do.
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[whoa is there a rescue in progress here]

♪ Wh-what's going on, Gakupo? I heard Rin shout...

Is that kid okay?
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[he's pretty relieved when Gakupo walks over and takes control; selfish as it may be, he wasn't too thrilled about carrying Luke around anyway. all that blood...ergh. besides, what could he do if they were attacked? throw the kid at the whatever-it-is? gosh, he wouldn't hear the end of it.]

Nuh-uh. Not really.

[as frank and blunt as can be because all Len needs to do is look over at the mangled mess that is Luke's hand to get a good idea of what he's in for. he stands back up, thinking to himself.]

There's this girl back at the church named Rapunzel. She could fix him up real quick. I don't think she'd be able to fix his fingers, but I know she could stop the bleeding at least.
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[Luke grunts in pain as he's being picked up. He can't really focus on the conversation anymore, but all he knows is that he's probably being taking someplace safer.

He was having a heck of a time trying to stay awake though.]
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[Luke's in good hands now. Rin picks up her sword and stands up to follow the others out the door.]

All right! The church isn't far from here, so we can make it! ♪

[Once outside, Rin hurries next to Len and whispers]

I'll explain later - right now we just need to stick close in case someone's strength wears out. ♪

[And a pointed look at Gakupo. She saw how weak he looked earlier!! Adrenalin bursts don't last forever, right?!]
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[No, adrenaline bursts do not last long. This may be the last thing he'll be able to do for a while.

He notes the grunt from Luke, and the boy doesn't look well enough to stay conscious. So he starts walking to the church.]

I hope she's inside already. Someone should make sure of that.

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