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welcome to mayfield: day 3

[Those who wake up in the town on the third day will soon notice that something's definitely off. The cracks in the sky are appearing more frequently and lasting for minutes at a time, and there's a strange white fog drifting over the clouds.

For those who've just arrived, welcome to our new little town! We're sure you're glad to see your missing friends again; nothing to worry about here, they've just been too busy enjoying the upgraded carnival to go back home. Any bleeding limbs or serious wounds you may spot are obviously just a sign of how much fun they've been having.]

OOC: If your character damages or affects the carnival or town in a noticeable and normally permanent way, please comment here.
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[Poland's already managed to light a match by the time Lithuania asks and steps inside. He holds the match up against the wall to set it on fire.]

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[Latvia takes one last swing at the sign before backing off to safety]

Whelp! Good riddance!
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Ah-- [...Well, now what? He looks down at the water; maybe he can put it out--but he's now just realizing there isn't really anything to carry it in.]

If you burn down the whole town or something--!

[He is disavowing any responsibility here.]
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I'm not going to burn down the whole town, chill out. [Now would be a good time to get out though. He's been compared to phoenix before, but definitely not in the literal on fire sense.

Turning around, with his back to the end of the tunnel he'll start to leave.]
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[As he watches the flames with a sense of satisfaction he can't help but notice something else in the darkness. Something reflecting the orange light of the fire. He reaches out in Lithuania's direction in an attempt to get his attention]

H-hey, do you see that...?
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[Lithuania, paranoid well-honed in Mayfield, is already reaction, grabbing to yank Poland back behind him with one hand and drawing his gun with the other.]

Something's there.
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[Poland is abruptly yanked out by Lithuania and pulled behind him. Poland has no idea why other than Lithuania's being overly paranoid again.] H-hey, I can walk, Liet! I'm human not an invalid.

[Looking into the tunnel and suddenly seeing two pairs of eyes, seems to clear up why Lithuania would be concerned enough to do that though.]

What the hell is that? [Poland reaches into the pocket of the jacket Hungary lent him, pulling out a pistol.]
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[Latvia's lack of a gun makes him feel woefully inadequate. Raising the shovel like a weapon he takes a step behind the two]

I-I don't know!
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[Well this isn't looking good, is it? Lithuania takes a step back but makes sure Poland and Latvia are still behind him.]

Uh--running might be an option?
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[Poland never liked surrendering. But.

Maybe a strategic retreat would be best, given how those eyes seemed to be multiplying exponentially and so freaking quickly.]

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[The sudden command to retreat leaves him a bit disorientated. His body can't quite coordinate itself properly and as he turns to run Latvia manages to trip over his own feet, leaving his scrambling around on the ground and trying to get himself upright again]
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[The cry is mostly automatic, as his eyes are locked on the--the thing. He grabs for Latvia with one hand and fires at one of the monster's faces with the other--he'll either drag Latvia to his feet or carry him, whichever gets them away from the monster faster.]
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[It's not that hard to guess what happened from Lithuania's scream. Whipping back around, Poland fires his gun repeatedly at it. He hopes that'll slow down whatever the hell that thing was or at least distract it long enough that Latvia can either get up or Lithuania can just grab Latvia.]
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[Latvia shrieks at the sight of the thing. In a blind panic he can't seem to get his legs to work right on the slippery floor, gaining too many false starts as he tries to run. As soon as Lithuania is close enough he grabs tightly onto his arm and doesn't let go]
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[Lithuania jerks back on instinct, though he doesn't have much room to move given he's still got Latvia and would rather not have to deal with being partially responsible for ripping Latvia's leg off. His arm shoots up to protect his face--he'd rather have that clawed up, honestly.]

Cut those arms off, Lenkija!

[Of course that would require Poland getting close enough to grab Lithuania's sword off him and then do the cutting, but Lithuania's kind of busy.]
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[Poland rushes back to help Lithuania and Latvia, once he realizes Lithuania was unable to get Latvia up in time. Knowing that he won't be able to swing with enough force to cut off the creature's arms without both hands, Poland discards his gun before taking the sword off Lithuania.

It'd been a long time since Poland wielded a sword in battle, but he'll raise the blade over his head and swing it down onto the creature's arms with as much force as he can physically manage. Hopefully it's enough to slice all the way through.]
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[Latvia just sobs and cries as he tries to claw his way up Lithuania's arm. The force pulling at his leg is too strong and he swears he can feel the joint getting pulled out of it's socket. At least he was unconscious for the surgery, at least his previous death was quick and painless. With his eyes wide from fear he begs for his life]

Please! Oh God! Please help me!
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[Lithuania shifts to pick Latvia up--he heard that snap, there's no way Latvia is running on that--and takes off running at the same time. He doesn't waste any more energy shouting anything to Poland, as he's pretty sure Poland knows to run when he has the opportunity.]
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[Poland takes a moment to yank on the sword and pull it out of the creature, before it manages to retreat back into the tunnel with it. He's pretty sure he'd never hear the end of it from Lithuania if he managed to lose it, you know assuming they didn't all die.

Catching a glance at the other sets of eyes starting to move forward in the tunnel, Poland hauls the sword over his shoulder and chases after Lithuania.]

Liet, this is all your fault!
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