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welcome to mayfield: day 3

[Those who wake up in the town on the third day will soon notice that something's definitely off. The cracks in the sky are appearing more frequently and lasting for minutes at a time, and there's a strange white fog drifting over the clouds.

For those who've just arrived, welcome to our new little town! We're sure you're glad to see your missing friends again; nothing to worry about here, they've just been too busy enjoying the upgraded carnival to go back home. Any bleeding limbs or serious wounds you may spot are obviously just a sign of how much fun they've been having.]

OOC: If your character damages or affects the carnival or town in a noticeable and normally permanent way, please comment here.
badladyscramble: (On the Attack)

[personal profile] badladyscramble 2012-07-02 08:54 pm (UTC)(link)
[Someone has no interest in games or prizes. This is simply the first area outside the funhouse that Remilia stumbled upon, and she is now tearing through it just like she was tearing through the carnival on the other side, breaking down stands, throwing everything around with wild abandon as she rampages about with more strength than her little frame would imply.]

Flandre! Flandre, where are you!?
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[personal profile] then_there_were_none 2012-07-03 02:41 am (UTC)(link)
[A little blackish blob stirs from a string of carnival lights at the uproar--and then darts away from the lights as the stall they were hanging from is overturned. The bat chitters shrilly and flits in panicked circles for some time after, having been able to sleep only in stressed fits and starts. She hadn't left that form once after escaping from the funhouse, feeling far too insecure. And something had dislodged her from her nominally safe spot, which made her mind explode in panic again.]
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[personal profile] badladyscramble 2012-07-03 02:47 am (UTC)(link)
[It's a moment before Remilia notices the bat and stops her rampaging, pausing the midst of destruction to look as it flutters off in confusion]

then_there_were_none: (Bat -- still curious)

[personal profile] then_there_were_none 2012-07-03 03:05 am (UTC)(link)
[The bat flinched away from the voice initially; had the voices found her again? Was nowhere safe anymore?

...but, no.

That was a voice, yes, but...not the ones that had chased her, had hurt her.

She lands on some of the wreckage, though "landing" was really a nice euphemism for flopping over in an exhausted way, wings draped awkwardly rather than folded up neatly. Even adrenaline was having a hard time keeping her going now.

There was a figure over there, though this form's eyes were too weak to see more than a blurred picture. Bat wings, small, blue (?) hair...


The bat chitters once more, in a timid, quiet, tentative way this time.
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[personal profile] badladyscramble 2012-07-03 08:25 am (UTC)(link)

[Remi swoops down, landing besides the exhausted bat and scooping her up into her arms.]

You're safe now, Flandre. Your sister's here.
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[The bat squirms and flails when she's picked up--but stops almost immediately afterward. Her ears perk again, and she chirps just a little back at the voice. Her sister's voice. Sister was holding her now. Even these eyes could see that. She could relax now; this was safe.

Safe. Safe. And relax she did.
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[Her form loses cohesion for a moment, dissolving into a cloud of blackish mist. The cloud reforms, grows solid--and then there's Flandre in her normal shape again, clinging to her sister. Her staff clatters to the ground, unheeded.]

Remi...Remi came to see me...

[She rests her head against her sister's shoulder, completely trusting. But she seems to have trouble raising her wings to complete the hug; there's a spot of sticky dampness between them, where blood was still sluggishly oozing from the cut there. The injuries had stopped hurting when she was a bat, but they did.

Flandre whined a little at the reminders.

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ohlookboobs: Zidane glancing at something. (Curious)

[personal profile] ohlookboobs 2012-07-02 09:00 pm (UTC)(link)
[Ooooh, jewellery! Zidane wonders if he could take some himself.

Except he stops for a moment. It sounds too good to be true - why have expensive-looking stones at a carnival? Hmmm...]
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[personal profile] theboywiththebook 2012-07-02 09:10 pm (UTC)(link)
[Well Henry is going to see this and run over.]


[After what happened to his backpack and that action figure, he's pretty sure bad stuff is going to happen if someone is holding it.]
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[personal profile] ohlookboobs 2012-07-02 09:17 pm (UTC)(link)
[Zidane jumps before he can even move his hand towards said items and instantly turns his head around to see a familiar boy] Wha..? What's the matter with it?!
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[personal profile] theboywiththebook 2012-07-02 09:47 pm (UTC)(link)
There's something wrong with them. I took an action figure a couple of days ago and put it in my bag...and well....

[He shows him his back pack. The outer pouch that he had put it in his completely gone and a hole the size of his fist. It's patched up with what appears to be duct tape that he managed to get a hold of.]

It just vanished, and took part of my bag.
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[personal profile] ohlookboobs 2012-07-03 08:25 pm (UTC)(link)
[Bends down, looks and his eyes widen] Geez, how the heck...?![Well....that's one big hole. And it's definitely put him off from running off with expensive pretty things]

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[personal profile] chalicejoker 2012-07-02 11:00 pm (UTC)(link)
[Nearby, a man in a trench coat is poking around, looking suspicious at everything. He's noticed Zidane looking at the jewelry.]

For all we know, that could be bait.
ohlookboobs: Zidane glancing at something. (Curious)

[personal profile] ohlookboobs 2012-07-03 08:26 pm (UTC)(link)
Yeah, it could you know anyone who's tried to take it?

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[personal profile] chalicejoker 2012-07-04 12:14 am (UTC)(link)
[Hajime shakes his head.]

This is the first I've seen of it.
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[personal profile] ohlookboobs 2012-07-05 09:47 am (UTC)(link)
The first? I guess you've only just got here, too.

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Last chronologically?

[personal profile] cueball 2012-07-03 03:10 am (UTC)(link)
[He isn't touching anything here. He doesn't trust it. And this carnival is frankly getting on his nerves. That's what happens when you don't eat for three days. He can do without water to some degree, thanks to the cotton stuffing that replaced his blood, but he's becoming irritated. And maybe it's time to test the limits of a place that looks like it is beginning to crumble and fall apart anyway.

No one will miss it right? This place is a mockery anyway.

He looks at the booth for a moment before focusing his sight on the top. If he destroyed parts of the top then the rest is sure to crumble down and destroy the rest. Not too much work on his part.

And so the top area of the games booth suddenly explodes into green, as Scratch concentrates a blast of energy at it. He as well begins to have small green flickers coming from his body - sometimes it is there briefly and sometimes his entire body is sparking green and yellow before he reverts back to normal. Regardless of that, the game booth won't be lasting long.

And he'll do the same for any other game booth he sees. They're all eyesores and he wants them gone.

ooc: if you want to stop him you can try, but he's almost definitely not going to stop destroying the booths until none of them remain.
elevatoravatar: (SD Liz)

[personal profile] elevatoravatar 2012-07-03 10:02 am (UTC)(link)
[Elizabeth watches Scratch for a while with a curious look before walking up slowly, but keeping her distance]

May I ask if there is anything you hope to gain other than satisfaction in this act? Things seem somehow more wrong than normal here yet I have just moved to this part of the realm.
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[personal profile] cueball 2012-07-05 04:26 pm (UTC)(link)
[He pauses for a moment before turning to the woman. He's still glowing a soft hue of green, but he doesn't look nearly as enraged after destroying the booth.]

A reaction? Some enlightenment? This place simply is a trap waiting to be sprung on us.
elevatoravatar: (Hrm...)

[personal profile] elevatoravatar 2012-07-05 04:28 pm (UTC)(link)
[She nods a bit]

A worthwhile pursuit then. Revelations can come from destruction as well, but not all of those who are here realize such things. Many times it could be simply howling at the moon, but as that is not the case, do you need any assistance?
encored: (tis as easy as lying)

[personal profile] encored 2012-07-04 03:26 am (UTC)(link)
[have another curious onlooker with no intentions of stopping him! it's a pretty impressive power, he'll concede that much (to himself and never aloud, of course), and he waits until the last booth is destroyed to speak up.]

Perhaps you should be the one to eliminate the food cart. This seems a much more effective method.
cueball: (Default)

[personal profile] cueball 2012-07-05 04:23 pm (UTC)(link)
[His head turns to Charles, the coy smirk he had previously when they met no longer around. He's becoming agitated.]

Perhaps I should just destroy everything? It won't solve the problem, but why not? [He speaks sardonically of course. Setting everything off was easy, but he can't imagine it would do any good.]
encored: (that's a bit unusual)

[personal profile] encored 2012-07-05 10:54 pm (UTC)(link)
If you're already on a roll, far be it from me to stop you. [he raises his hands, but it's pretty clear he's just rolling with the sarcasm. another glance at the ruined stalls piques his curiosity.]

But really, is there a reason for this?
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Balloon pop round 1

[personal profile] voiceofauthority 2012-07-03 11:54 pm (UTC)(link)
[She hasn't tried playing the games. Maybe in doing so she could find something more out. So Jenny puts down the payment and takes aim at one of the balloons. She does so three times.]