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Last chronologically?

[He isn't touching anything here. He doesn't trust it. And this carnival is frankly getting on his nerves. That's what happens when you don't eat for three days. He can do without water to some degree, thanks to the cotton stuffing that replaced his blood, but he's becoming irritated. And maybe it's time to test the limits of a place that looks like it is beginning to crumble and fall apart anyway.

No one will miss it right? This place is a mockery anyway.

He looks at the booth for a moment before focusing his sight on the top. If he destroyed parts of the top then the rest is sure to crumble down and destroy the rest. Not too much work on his part.

And so the top area of the games booth suddenly explodes into green, as Scratch concentrates a blast of energy at it. He as well begins to have small green flickers coming from his body - sometimes it is there briefly and sometimes his entire body is sparking green and yellow before he reverts back to normal. Regardless of that, the game booth won't be lasting long.

And he'll do the same for any other game booth he sees. They're all eyesores and he wants them gone.

ooc: if you want to stop him you can try, but he's almost definitely not going to stop destroying the booths until none of them remain.

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