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day 5

[The fifth day doesn't dawn at all. In fact, the sky simply isn't there anymore; the only thing visible if you look up is pure black nothing. Most of the carnival itself is no longer visible, having been blanketed by thick white fog; any attempt to enter said fog will result in your body rapidly disintegrating. The street at least still seems to be intact, but with no way out and the fog slowly creeping in, who knows how long that'll last?

Luckily, it seems like the cavalry has finally arrived.]

(OOC: This marks the last day of the event! Anyone who has won a prize from Mayfield's carnival will be able to access both Mayfield and this area through the funhouse, and will be able to take one person with them on each trip they make. If your character is not rescued by the end of the day, they will be disintegrated by the fog and will wake up the next morning in Mayfield with the standard revival effects. You are free to comment in this post regardless of whether your character signed up for the event.)
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It's just...just one little house. One little house brought on so much agony...I want to watch it burn.

(Though as she says this, Kreutzer is very slowly stepping away from the house.)

It has to be burned, Tachi...just one sign of victory or it will all be for naught...

(Jibberish talk activate! She might need a little help deciding on what to do, Tachi.)
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[Oh dear, Tachikoma might be used to the stoic members of Section 9, but that doesn't mean it can't recognize the the trauma is having an affect on her. It decides it better get her out of her, even if it has to care her, so up she goes.]

A victory by survival can be just as good! Let's go!
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But wa-

(She can't even put up a fight at this point. She was physically drained, mentally tossed and probably shouldn't be left to her lonesome. It would take some time before she could come back to her senses. The past five days were grueling, but now she could only watch as she was taken away from it all, as if being pulled out of a dream...but she had to wonder something: when she wakes up from this, will it really be a dream? Or just back to the nightmare?)

Survival..."victory by survival..."
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Yes, exactly! To survive and bring justice to those wronged can be just as important as an immediate retribution! Trust me, many of the missions of Section 9 have worked on that principal.

[Tachikoma is trying to set Kreutzer on top if she's not struggling. It'd hate to have to put her in the pod like an uncooperative detainee...]
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(Thankfully, she's calmed down enough to not have to resort to such things. In all honesty, she's more worn herself out than anything. As if in a daze, Kreutzer simply remains motionless and staring wearily around the area.)

I...I suppose you're right...

(But with her calmness comes the reminder that Kreutzer's pretty weak right now. And sick. As emphasized by the coughing.)
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Come on, let's get you out of here, you sound like you could use some medical help...

Would you like to ride in my pod? There's cushions in there.
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(Kreutzer finishes up her fit of coughing before weakly replying.)

Cushions...that sounds quite nice...
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[Tachikoma will find a spot that Kreutzer can sit on for a moment, slightly high enough so when it turns around to open it's pod, all she really needs to do is lean forward and flop inside.]

Yep! I can even keep the monitors on if you want so you can see what's going on outside!
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(And flop she does. She doesn't hurt herself, at least; she's just so tired that it happens pretty naturally. She knew exactly where she wanted to go after she got out of this dimension, but for now, she had to save her strength for that trip.)

That sounds fine...Thank you, Tachi...