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[When Tachikoma had learned that people could be taken back to Mayfield, it made the usual choice of making sure it didn't leave the area until everyone here in this place is safely "home."

Which is why it is now combing the streets, the carnival, and all over looking for people, anyone who is too weak or sick to get to the fun house for a possible rescue. It skirts the fog and fissures appearing as best it can, but still goes near them to make sure no one is about to sucked up in them as well.

Every so often it will stop looking to announce a message at full blast to anyone nearby:]

ATTENTION! ATTENTION! THERE'S A WAY BACK TO MAYFIELD! If you can get to the Fun House, someone from Mayfield can bring you back! If you can't make it back to the fun house on your own, please let me know! I can take you there to help! Or if you know someone who needs to be taken and can't ask for help themselves, also let me know where they are, so I can bring them there!

[It will be doing this pretty much for as long as possible, constantly going back and forth from the fun house as long as the fog will let it, in the hopes of trying to get everyone out before the entire place is dissolved...]

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