adropofjupiter: (was it everything you wanted to find)
Marisa Kirisame ([personal profile] adropofjupiter) wrote in [community profile] welcome_rpg 2012-07-09 11:55 pm (UTC)

[If Patchouli knew Marisa was just wandering into the weird metaphysical holes in reality without telling her... she'd be really angry. But with having lost Remilia at some point and Flandre still unable to be found, Marisa had to go into the creepy places in search of them.

At least she wasn't sick.

So, weird clown doll in hand - a freaky beacon is ever there was one - and broom in the other, the witch stepped through the broken mirrors and ventured into the evil!funhouse.]

Flandre? Remilia?

[Marisa called out in a shaky voice that betrayed that she was actually scared. She had a spell at the ready to blast something if it came at her.]

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