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welcome to mayfield: day 4

[This carnival seems to be getting less and less maintained by the day. Your nerves aren't the only thing fallen apart: what were previously holes in the sky have expanded to cracks. What parts of the sky that haven't fallen into that strange, warping nothingness are full of brown smog-like clouds.

The carnival itself has become filthy, with trash and grease spots littered everywhere. The walls of the tents, wooden stands, and houses seem to be slightly melted, for lack of a better term. The holes of corrupted nothingness aren't confined to the sky anymore: pockets of nothing litter the carnival, shifting tears in the fabric of reality that hurt your eyes to look at.

A faint buzzing noise fills the air, making it difficult to concentrate. If you listen long enough, it starts to sound like voices. For your own sake, it's probably best not to listen to what they have to say.

You're also not alone here anymore, for those of you operating under the assumption that you ever really were. If you've been missing the friendly drones of Mayfield, fear no more, because scattered throughout the carnival are a few drone families seeing the sights, riding the rides and playing the games. Curiously, unlike the drones back home, these ones don't seem to notice you at all, acting as if you're not even there.

Also curiously: their features are warped nearly beyond recognition. Some are missing limbs or facial features; others appear to have had those features scrambled by Picasso's paintbrush, with mouths on their scalps or teeth on their fingers. Still other drones appear to be fused together at the wrist, or waist, or face. None of them seem to be any more aware of their deformity than they are of you.

...and yet, somehow, you can't shake the feeling that when you're not looking at them, they're looking at you.

New here? That's alright; your missing friends have had plenty of time to get acquainted, and they'll be happy to show you around. Just watch your step, because some of these old rides need some maintenance...]

OOC: If your character damages or affects the carnival or town in a noticeable and normally permanent way, please comment here.
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[The window slamming shut makes him tense up and whip around to face it. Was that gravity taking its toll on an old, weak window, or something else? He might try to see what was up with that, but his attention is drawn by the the thumping sound coming from the basement.

He heads in that direction and stops in front of the basement door. His bow isn't functioning at its full capacity without the cards he has yet to regain, but it can manage weak blue energy bolts that probably won't do much more damage than a small handgun. He takes three shots at the door, spaced out with the intent that he'd hit anything of any size on the other side.]
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[Hajime dodges one and has another ricochet off his shoulder armor. The third gets lucky and hits his left bicep. His armor isn't nearly as strong there and his transformation is somewhat biological, so a thin green cut appears. The lightly bleeding cut hurts, but he's suffered worse injuries. Hajime determines that this isn't nearly enough of a wound to drive him off, and so he decides to press on.

He's looking at that door with a new sense of wariness. He approaches and decides to attempt opening it like a normal person. He's using his left hand to take hold of the doorknob, just in case anything else happens to wound that arm. He's also holding his bow in his right hand as though he plans on using it to hit anything that might surprise him on the other side.]
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[Well, there's only one thing to do now. Investigate. Hajime is holding his bow at the ready as he starts down the basement stairs towards the source of the noise.]
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