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[his brother is dead.

...his brother is dead.

Abel had come here on day two, peering into the tunnel curiously... remembering what this had been in the carnival in Mayfield. a Freak Show, with signs of that woman written all over it. he hadn't entered, then; he had Cain at his back to protect, and the risk of any potential dangers had been too great to chance going in.

...he doesn't exactly have to worry about that, anymore. the town had taken his little brother away from him. again. with the increasingly terrible shape of the Carnival, it seemed that Charles' premonition might have been right--

the 'end game' here might truly be death for everyone. and if that's the case...


there's no reluctance or hesitation as he enters the tunnel, walking along the side parallel to dirtied, blood-stained water. he's looking for her, the one who had tampered with his brother before. the red-haired woman who'd taunted him on the phones, the one who'd dug into his brother's mind and altered it... the one who paraded her 'superiority' as if she would be untouchable forever. the likelihood of her being here is slim...

but he had seen the pictures in the Freak Show -- this place was 'hers' in some way. there are voices somewhere in here -- and not all of them are the predictably unnerving monsters. if there's any chance she's here... any chance at all...

he'll take it.

the darker it becomes, the more visible a faint red glow is from his eyes. killed his brother...

he'll make whoever-- whatever-- he finds here pay grievously for that. he'd rip the entire carnival apart if he had to... you took him away. --they're all going to be taken away. he can't sit still if it kills him.

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