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тнe oɴce-ler ([personal profile] truffulacide) wrote in [community profile] welcome_rpg 2012-07-05 06:39 am (UTC)


[that's...a lot of blood. if there wasn't so much of it, Once-ler would give in to the wobbly feeling that's been gnawing away at his legs for the last ten minutes and sink to his knees right here amongst all the scattered foot and brightly painted pieces of wood. looking at it for too long just makes him feel worse so he tries his very best not to, instead turning his concentration on a perfectly held-together cheeseburger laying on the ground across from him.

...okay, bad idea. his shoes look much better. just focus on those.

what am I gonna do? what am I gonna do?

he runs one hand through his hair, followed by the other. even though he knew eating them wouldn't do anything, the possibility that a nibble could be enough to trick his mind was so tempting. this is the equivalent of getting a rotten apple in your trick or treat bag, then having that snatched away in less than five seconds.]

This isn't FAIR!

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