jumpsinline: (Seeing red again)
Yoshika Miyako (Human) ([personal profile] jumpsinline) wrote in [community profile] welcome_rpg 2012-07-05 05:03 am (UTC)

[ Yoshika is... hungry. "Hungry" doesn't actually cover it. Thanks to her memories and experiences in Mayfield, she has rediscovered that she cannot, in fact, go for days without anything at all to eat. The earlier attempts to eat were unsatisfying, and she wasn't able to hunt all that well at night.

She is standing near the demolished food stand, her lone eye scans the drones walking around her. The left eye is just an empty socket with a matching exit wound scar on the back of her head, behind her left ear.

Yoshika is filthy, bruised, cut, missing the fingernails of a few fingers, and is more than just sizing the drones up... she is wondering how they taste.

Someone please stop her before she attacks one. ]

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