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[There are four... well, three standard Mayfield houses lining this short street, two on each side. The first house on the right has the number 501 printed on the mailbox; as before, the door is locked, but you might be able to get the window open.

The other two houses have no numbers on their mailboxes and are unlocked. The interior of all three houses are bare - there's a working stove and sink in the kitchen and the upstairs bathroom has a fully functional toilet, but there's no other furniture to be found and some of the floorboards have been destroyed. There's also phones in every room, but all you can hear if you pick them up is static, and the occasional breathing noise.

If you were planning to take this time to explore House #3, you're going to be disappointed: one of the twisting cracks of nothing from the sky has extended down and swallowed up most of the house. Be careful getting too close- that buzzing noise in the air gets louder here. Voices seem to be coming from the hole in reality where the house was, voices that want you to come in. And the closer you get, the more convincing they sound...]

(OOC: If you're going into a house, please put which one in the header: 501, House #1, House #2. Please note that attempting to enter 501 will highly likely result in serious injury or death. Probably death, let's be honest.)

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