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welcome to mayfield: day 3

[Those who wake up in the town on the third day will soon notice that something's definitely off. The cracks in the sky are appearing more frequently and lasting for minutes at a time, and there's a strange white fog drifting over the clouds.

For those who've just arrived, welcome to our new little town! We're sure you're glad to see your missing friends again; nothing to worry about here, they've just been too busy enjoying the upgraded carnival to go back home. Any bleeding limbs or serious wounds you may spot are obviously just a sign of how much fun they've been having.]

OOC: If your character damages or affects the carnival or town in a noticeable and normally permanent way, please comment here.
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[Hajime is staring down into the darkness of the tunnel. He hasn't made it down there very far yet at all, and he seems to be debating whether or not he wants to go in deeper. He's moving with caution as he takes a couple of steps in that direction--he thought he saw something move down there, but he can't be sure.]
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[And day three has Tsukasa back in his armor for most of it. His movements aren't as...clean as they have been in previous days, probably due to lack of sleep, food, and water. With his enhanced vision, Tsukasa will see his friend.]

Oi, Hajime.
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[Hajime turns to face the source of the voice.]


I take it these have been a difficult few hours.

[As far as Hajime's perception of time is concerned, he only spent a few hours inside the fun house before stumbling out into this version of the carnival.]