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welcome to mayfield: day 3

[Those who wake up in the town on the third day will soon notice that something's definitely off. The cracks in the sky are appearing more frequently and lasting for minutes at a time, and there's a strange white fog drifting over the clouds.

For those who've just arrived, welcome to our new little town! We're sure you're glad to see your missing friends again; nothing to worry about here, they've just been too busy enjoying the upgraded carnival to go back home. Any bleeding limbs or serious wounds you may spot are obviously just a sign of how much fun they've been having.]

OOC: If your character damages or affects the carnival or town in a noticeable and normally permanent way, please comment here.
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[...And nothing here should be touched at all cost.

Robed since yesterday and being unable to speak because she stepped up voluntarily to prove exactly that, Ciel is nevertheless going to spend some time here blocking anyone who might be tempted to grab a bite. How? Well...

You don't need a tongue to lay out half a dozen Black Keys around in an attempt to create a binding spell that any normal human would be unable to walk through. Eyes narrowed and wearing a cold and expressionless face, she will also purposefully be openly leaking killing intent. It may not intimidate everyone, but anyone who gets too close will definitely get a chill at the back of their neck, with their common sense and basic survival instincts strongly urging them to turn away because keep going would be a bad idea.

So with a woman in a nun's habit lurking close to the food stand like a guard dog ready to bite anyone who comes too close... Still willing to take a chance, anyone? --Unless you know her. She certainly isn't like this usually, is she?]
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The not be watched this closely.

[Bazett, in her fevrish state, wonders if this is really Ciel, or some sort of fever dream.]
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[She narrows her eyes, but doesn't budge. Losing speech makes matters inconvenient. In this case, she doesn't have the patience to spell every word out for Bazett on paper, so Ciel will stay her ground, watching Bazett like a hawk without moving. If she's not feeling well, she shouldn't be here, and like hell the food is 'insubstantial'.]
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How many new arrivals today? Any...that you recognize?

[She frowns. Maybe this Ciel is just an illusion, since it is refusing to talk.]
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[She stands there and makes no attempts to answer. Bazett can either close in the distance or leave; Ciel doesn't always have all the answers, and she's definitely not going to run after Bazett in her current state.]
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[She chooses to try to close the distance. If anything, she has to warn Ciel about the water.
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[She calculates the pluses and minuses quickly. The odds of Bazett having anything useful to tell her are low. The woman seems weak, but trying to take care of her here would also be a bad move. She'd consider it if it was back at the Church, but not here.

The results are obvious.

Without warning, just as if she was never there in the first place, Ciel vanishes under an eyeblink, leaving Bazett on her own to stare at the empty food stand.]
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[OH DEAR A WILD CHARLES APPEARS. surely he isn't dumb enough to be stuffing his face with greasy carnival food in a place like this! ...seriously, that's abel's job.

he does seem pretty intent on approaching the cart though, but stops as soon as he notices Ciel's presence (which, given the intimidating aura, isn't exactly hard to do). something's definitely going on here, it's rare to see that kind of posturing from her!]

Taking a break from the church, hm?
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is brought back to her senses. Blinking once at the sight of him, the aura vanishes under an eyeblink as she turns towards him. Giving him a small wave of greeting, she'll get on note-writing once more.

Something like that, I suppose. Good afternoon, Charles. Are you back to investigate?]
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[CHARLES has become CONFUSED AND FULL OF CANDY welp, he's starting to get more familiar with how quickly she can turn that aura on and off than he ever wished to be... but more important things to deal with right now!!

he'll raise a hand in return before walking closer to peer at the note, and he makes an irritated noise upon reaching the question.]

You could say that. If you're standing guard here, shall I assume people are still trying to take the food?
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[why 'ever wished to be'... she's MOSTLY harmless, really--!!

She exhales. Give her a sec to write that reply...

Some people have been trapped here for three days. It's enough hunger and thirst to drive a few in becoming desperate enough to chance this.

can't blame them alright...]
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[mostly is the key word there.....]

The thirst is reasonable. [as far as he's aware, there's no substitute for the metallic-tasting stuff the faucets pump out.] But the food? There's hardly an excuse for that. Even the human body isn't flimsy enough to succumb to starvation after only a few days. Aren't some people cooking the rats and eating those with little to no side effect as well?
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[hush now

she is gonna frown lightly in an admonishing fashion while getting on her next line:

Don't put down others for their lack of complete self-control and perfect judgment. It's the way humans are. You're also misplaced to judge, being someone who doesn't get hungry or needs food to survive. What's here just can't be consumed, so I'll stay and remind people by force if I have to.

don't get ahead of yourself young man!!]
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[the most irritated of irritated huffs! he totally gets hungry okay, it's not his fault he can go for a good week or two before that happens...]

It isn't perfect judgment, it's common sense. [but that's putting a little too much faith into humanity whoops] A sign wouldn't suffice either, I assume?
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[suuure, it's NEVER his fault...

scritch scritch...

It's best to be thorough with things like that.

killing intent is easier to catch than some wayward sign, that's true...]
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[if it was he'd actually have to start taking responsibility for his actions and that would just be ridiculous!

but that's pretty logical and he can't really argue with it, so he just wrinkles his nose, looking frustrated.]
Fair enough. Do you intend to stay here very long?

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[And pretty much none of that will deter Tachikoma and it's curiosity. Seeing the food stand knocked over, it went to investigate, only to find Ciel guarding it.]

Oh my! What happened here?!
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Catches her off-guard. Is it a talking... robot?

Her murderous aura subtly dissipates a bit (if machinery can even feel the tension in the atmosphere), a small frown drawing up on her previously expressionless face. She can't talk, so she can' respond, but she will slightly draw back and continue following it with her eyes. What is he... it?]
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[Atmospheric pressure is within the sensor capabilities of Tachikoma, but that's just normal weather conditions! At least that's what it seems to it...

Still, it does notice someone is around the wreckage of the food stand, and that means someone to talk to!]

Oh, hello there! Do you know what happened here? Did someone destroy the stand?
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This has the possibility of becoming quite confusing very fast, but one could suppose that there's no harm in trying. So looking down at the strange blue robot, she nods. Mm-hm, someone definitely has. She could write him out the details! ...Provided that he can read, whelp. Let's start with body language though, with nods and shakes of the head being the universal silent yes and no respectively.]
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[Tachikoma understands pretty well, but still seems concerned at Ciel's quietness and gesturing.]

Are you alright? Oh, are you mute? Is that why you're not speaking? Do you know sign language? I can understand both ASL and JSL!

Or maybe we should find some paper to write on?
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[Well that makes things easier. She seems vaguely surprised at its suggestions, but she'll jump straight to writing a note instead of nodding or shaking her head at any of its inquiries - which will be done through pulling a small notebook with a pen clipped onto it from the sleeve of her habit. ...It's sufficiently big and poofy, okay.]

I lost the ability to speak recently, but it should be temporary.

Her handwriting is slightly cursive, but that still ought to be easy enough to read, right...]
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[Tachikoma looks over the notebook and the message...]

Oh, okay! I'm glad you'll be okay eventually! But do you know what happened here? Well, more like why for what happened here? Since it looks pretty much like someone destroyed it...
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[she'll give a faint smile and a nod to reassure him... it. But at the question...]
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[she'll blink at him once, before handing him the following note:

Someone probably did, yes.

genius deduction huh :v

and this mysterious destroyer is


not her............]

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