then_there_were_none: (Bat -- still curious)
Flandre Scarlet ([personal profile] then_there_were_none) wrote in [community profile] welcome_rpg 2012-07-03 03:05 am (UTC)

[The bat flinched away from the voice initially; had the voices found her again? Was nowhere safe anymore?

...but, no.

That was a voice, yes, but...not the ones that had chased her, had hurt her.

She lands on some of the wreckage, though "landing" was really a nice euphemism for flopping over in an exhausted way, wings draped awkwardly rather than folded up neatly. Even adrenaline was having a hard time keeping her going now.

There was a figure over there, though this form's eyes were too weak to see more than a blurred picture. Bat wings, small, blue (?) hair...


The bat chitters once more, in a timid, quiet, tentative way this time.

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