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welcome to mayfield: day 2

[Day two of whatever this place is dawns bright and cheerful. Not much seems to have changed; the carnival is still standing, the town still empty of drones, the sky still bright blue and --

-- hang on, what was that? Did some sort of crack just appear in that patch of sky?

...oh, it's gone now. Must have just been your imagination. Anyway, there's no time to waste staring aimlessly at the sky, not when there's more friends showing up! Lucky there's more than enough food to go around, eh?]

OOC: If your character damages or affects the carnival or town in a noticeable and normally permanent way, please comment here.

OPEN! If your character was on the list of characters arriving on Day 1 or Day 2, they may comment here. All questions belong here.
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[Having wandered outside, found this strange place full of colors but no Remi, Flandre decided that she wanted to go back the way she came.

She finds herself in that maze of mirrors again, followed around by her own semitransprent reflection in the endless mirrors. She's dragging her staff in one hand, a crooked black iron weapon with spaces at both ends and holes punched out of the lobes of those spades like eyes. Though it's heavy enough to trace a shallow scratch into the floor where it was dragged, the lower half seems to be moving on its own; slithering about slightly, like a snake.

Remi! Remi, where'd you go?

[Even her own glowing eyes can't quite discern what that something moving about in the dark is; she has no inherent fear of it, only curiosity. The vampire followed the moving thing almost unconsciously, having no other real direction. If Remilia heard her, she'd surely answer--and she hadn't yet.]
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[The echo was expected, but not...that. That last bit made her pause and tilt her head a bit as she peered into the murk. That sounded like one of her doppelgangers, but she hadn't made any of those. She couldn't.]

Who's there? I'm not over there, I'm over here.

[Her batlike wings loosened up a bit in interest as she tried to find the source of the sound. Was it coming from over there, maybe...or over there--maybe there?]
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[The response came from a bewildering array of directions--made all the more confusing as Flandre started walking again and came to a junction of hallways. The little vampire tried vainly to turn her head in three directions at once.

The last sound seemed to come from the left, so she turns that way and starts following this corridor.

Do you have a name, voice?
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[As Flandre listens, her head tilts further and further to the side. She wasn't paying attention to much else besides the voice. Voices?]

But broken things can be fixed. Sakuya said s-

[Flandre yelps abruptly and hops backwards, a shallow cut opening up on her shin. A scratch, really, but it was enough to make her forget what she was going to say next.

It also seemed to wake her up and pay attention again, glancing furtively into the dark. She was a vampire, she should be able to see through it--but can't see the thing that just bit her.
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What'd you bite me for?

[The hairs on the back of her neck practically bristle, and leave little time for more questions. The vampire flinches away from the sounds, and claws her way up the wall quickly with a bounding flap of her wings to get a head start. She uses the claws on her hands and wings and what traction she can get from her shoes, initially just bodily dragging her staff up with her until she can dig one of the spades into the wall to support its weight.

She doesn't stop until she gets almost up to the ceiling, where she stopped and her shin reminded her that it hurt again.
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[Flandre had flinched back from the steel reflecting her own red eyeshine; the second hatchet caught right between her wings.

She shrieks, but as she does so the sound becomes more and more high pitched--until the vampire's current form loses cohesion and dissolves completely. The lower half of what had once been Flandre disintegrates into a blackish-red mist, but the mist in the front coalesced into the form of a small bat; darting this way and that in an utterly confused and erratic fashion. The staff vanishes in a trail of black mist, as had the rest of her body.

The bat was invulnerable, sure--but she also had no idea where the hell she was going. She hadn't practiced nearly enough in this form to even tell what her own echolocation was telling her, aside from that being the floor and this being open air. Everything else was an enigma, a scary thing made of strange sounds that the bat recoiled away from, frantically beating her wings to get away.

A memory of the injuries was kept, though; while the escape form was immune to them, whenever Flandre assumed her proper form there would be a new and painful cut waiting for her on her back.
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[Whatever shred of higher thought processes that remained were banished in an instant. All the sounds bouncing about and coming back to her didn't make sense before, when there was any sense for them to make--and now...this. The echoing sounds rose to a bewildering cacophony, until she couldn't even tell what was even the ground any more--only recoiling away when something brushed her back or the edges of her wings, the floor, the ceiling, the wall, something sharp...

The light made the bat recoil initially, as soon as she caught sight of it with this form's weak eyes. There might be things hiding in the light, things to hurt her...but there were definitely things behind her, in the dark, that definitely wanted to hurt her. And it was something to see, something her ears didn't tell her strange things about.

So the bat snapped her jaws shut, and flapped furiously--though still erratically--towards that bit of sunlight.
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[The reflected sounds lifted away, just like that. Even as she had to squint her eyes shut against the light, Flandre could hear again, and somewhat properly. That was the ground, that was the sky.

The laughter had...faded. The sharp things flying at her, too. The bat wheeled around in uncertain circles before settling on a string of lights, an oddly black bauble amidst all the bright colors.

She could breathe. She could think. She was out.

((OOC: Would this count as getting to the end of the hall of mirrors? I don't...think it would, but I wanted to make sure.))