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welcome to mayfield: day 2

[Day two of whatever this place is dawns bright and cheerful. Not much seems to have changed; the carnival is still standing, the town still empty of drones, the sky still bright blue and --

-- hang on, what was that? Did some sort of crack just appear in that patch of sky?

...oh, it's gone now. Must have just been your imagination. Anyway, there's no time to waste staring aimlessly at the sky, not when there's more friends showing up! Lucky there's more than enough food to go around, eh?]

OOC: If your character damages or affects the carnival or town in a noticeable and normally permanent way, please comment here.

OPEN! If your character was on the list of characters arriving on Day 1 or Day 2, they may comment here. All questions belong here.
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[Archer warily slinks up to the food stand. He might be many things - rude, dishonest, deeply cynical - but one thing he's not is stupid. Nor is he unobservant; he noticed that brief crack that split the sky, how different and wrong this place is. How like Mayfield, and yet not at all like that supposedly quaint and happy town. His fingers tap rhythmically against the counter, giving every appearance of being more annoyed than nervous.]

Hey, anyone here? I could sure do with a bite....maybe a nice fat hamburger? [His voice is pleasant enough if in a thin, insincere way....and 'lo, a burger will appear! Archer eyes it, ignoring the faint rumbles of hunger in his belly.] Thanks, but how 'bout a few more for the road? Got a lot of sights to see, you know - this such a fun little carnival. I don't want to miss a thing.

[More burgers appear, and Archer seems satisfied. He covers each one more fully in their plastic wrap, then gathers them all carefully into the crook of one arm.]
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[He'll hear a familiar voice behind him.]

Taking food to go is only effective if the food is safe for consumption to begin with, Archer. Do you know that for sure?

[No jokes this time either. She's in her casual outfit, but her tone and expression are both cool and stern.]
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[To his credit, he doesn't jump, merely peers lazily over his shoulder to regard Ciel.]

So you think it's suspicious too, huh? [A humorless chuckle. He turns around to fully face her.] Of course I don't know that for sure, but what other food is there? And if it turns out to be unsafe.....well, no one will know until they try it.

[But he shrugs at that, as if shrugging off such a responsibility.]
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Some people risk less than others. May I have one?

[It's a simple request, and she holds a hand out as she approaches to come stand next to him.]
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[He raises an eyebrow and gives Ciel a look at that, one carefully devoid of any open concern: you sure?]

Yeah, some do. [There's a pause, lingering and deliberate, where it seems like Archer might refuse. But then it passes and Archer is putting one of the wrapped (and still warm) burgers into that open hand. It was already obvious to him that there was more to Ciel than what her surface might suggest - if she was willing to take such a risk, it was hardly an impulsive or reckless choice on her part. Besides, all blame and regret....would lie with her, and her alone.] ...sure, go wild.
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[She briefly closes her eyes, again devoid of any worries or hesitation about her own request.]

Thank you.

[What follows can't be any less ordinary. She doesn't look worried or afraid either, unwrapping the burger normally before taking a bite in without skipping a beat. Chew, chew, chew, swallow. She takes a bit longer than normal trying to pinpoint the taste, but there's nothing off about it at all. ...Then a second, then a third. Considering that to be enough, she finally stops and re-wraps the burger back up.]

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[The look in her eyes sharpen as she staggers a little and brings a hand to her mouth, but otherwise, she doesn't make a sound.

She swallows her own blood hard. This isn't the first time, she'll deal, and after a second, she simply seems to be glaring towards the ground. Getting her tongue cut isn't a new experience, but the real question now is... Will it grow back? She's cut herself immediately after arriving here to test her regeneration; it worked. But she knew well enough that even with it, going against Mayfield itself is always taking a leap of chance.]
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[Her regeneration is disabled. ...Then onto the next directive. Would healing magic stop the bleeding? She can still try that on herself, not something she usually resorts to because of her self-regen abilities. Short of that, she'll try to withdraw the roll of red cloth in her bag. Burial Cloth is one of her earlier regains, useful in medicare to stop bleeding and reattach limbs. There's nothing to put back, but the priority is to treat the wound so she doesn't die from blood loss first. Panicking is useless, she's sufficiently trained to stay calm at least.

And if neither works...

Well, let's start by trying to see if she can stay alive.]
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[Fair enough.

Taking in quietly a deep breath, she's going for a pen and a notepad. Better her than someone who can't recover; Archer needs to know about this and make aware anyone else here in the vicinity. So after a bit more of fumbling and her jotting down notes, she'll tear the page off with the following note:

The food is lethal, as expected. I can't speak anymore, but please round up anyone else you can find here and let them know immediately to not consume at any cost.

Archer? She may squeeze in a witty remark under lesser circumstances, but now's not a good time to kid around.]

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That will not work. The food here does not sate your hunger.
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Oh, it's you. Well, it could still be useful in other ways. [Vague, yet dismissive words.] How do you know that anyway, lady?
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I tried it when I arrived yesterday.
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Huh? What do you mean, yesterday? The food was fine then - way too greasy, yeah, but I felt pretty full.

[His brow furrows; he seems unaware that he was trapped in limbo for a full day.]
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I was in this place for an entire day after exiting the funhouse. This is not Mayfield.

[She wonders what could have caused him to skip a day.]
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[That makes some of his usual cockiness slide off his face. The one visible eye narrows as he looks at Bazett.]

So...what, that makes this your second day here in this place? How does that work?
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I do not know. Whatever it is, it is not a Reality Marble.
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[Suddenly nun.]

I'd watch your stomach, if I were you. I heard they aren't very filling.
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[do the creep]

So I've heard. But it could always be worse, knowing this town - isn't that right?
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Always expect the unexpected, yes.

[She tilts her head curiously.]

Especially considering how very dead this realm is.
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placing this thread after ciel's!

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[He grins, but the expression is oddly hollow - heavy around the edges, deeply bitter.]

For once, we're thinking the same thing. "Dead" is the perfect way to describe this creepy place. [Archer looks around for a plastic bag, finds one, and unloads his burgers into it. Then he's quiet for a moment - a long, lingering moment that seems uncharacteristically serious.] ...and besides, it is worse than it seems. This food will kill you, lady, so don't even eat a crumb of it. [A pause; the hand gripping the plastic bag curls into a fist.] As for me, that makes it a weapon, but that's about its only use.
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I have no need to consume food to survive, so I'm quite alright in that department.

[Byakuren manages a small smile at the makeshift 'weapon'.]
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Excuse me, sir, I don't think you should eat those.

[Seriously, why does everyone think eating Mayfield-magic food is a good idea?]