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welcome to mayfield: day 1

[As you step out of the funhouse, blinking against the strong sunlight, it may seem at first that you've wound up back where you started. The carnival with all of its joys and wonders still stands, the Ferris Wheel looming majestically over Mayfield...

...except, did it always look that new and shiny? And it's not the only thing that got a makeover either; it seems like everything in the carnival has been fixed up from its previously rundown state. Fresh coats of paint gleam from every stand and every ride, and there isn't a spot of rust or a broken board anywhere in sight. At the entrance of the carnival hangs a large banner that reads:

Welcome to Mayfield - the Happiest Town on Earth!

Just how long were you exploring the funhouse for, anyway?

And as you start taking in the changes, you may notice one other minor difference: there are no drones to be found anywhere. It seems like the only other living beings in this place are your fellow townspeople who also entered the funhouse...well, that and the large, vicious looking rats that scurry around from place to place. But don't worry, there aren't that many of them and they only come out at night! So go ahead and enjoy having the carnival all to yourselves; after all, with all those minor safety issues fixed up, what could possibly go wrong?

The back exit of the carnival leads to a small street with four standard Mayfield houses and its church at the end. Attempting to leave the carnival via the entrance (although we can't imagine why you would) will only wind up looping you to the end of this street. Where the rest of Mayfield has gone, well...who can say?]

OOC and extra information about this town can be found here - please read it before you start tagging! Remember, only those in the first group should be in this post!
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House 1, then 2 and 3

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[He isn't going to waste his time. There isn't a lot of furniture in these houses, but there are floorboards made of wood. Many of of them are stable, but some are fairly old and creaky. And thankfully he already has his natural level of strength back.

So in House 1, 2 and 3 he'll be pulling out those weaker parts of the floor with his bare hands. He's going to need the wood to make a decent fire and there isn't much else around to use.

ooc: take whatever house you want, he'll be in all 3. he's starting with house 1, so he's going to bring whatever pieces of wood he could salvage with him to house 2 and 3.

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[ It's the third house when she discovers just who it is that's been tearing up the floor in the previous houses. Clever use of resources, but for what purpose? To build something is her first thought, but what? It's not worth asking about for now, instead: ]

Need a hand?
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[His head turns up to Amy while on the ground, out of courtesy more than needing to see who it was, and he huffs.]

Perhaps. I'm only collecting wood for a fire.

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A fire? [ Someone's new to this sort of thing and it shows. ] Why do you need a fire?
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Several reasons. For one thing, when it gets dark we won't have much of a light source. Along with that...well we're going to need to do something about food. Anything that gets found would need to be cooked some way.

[personal profile] the_girl_who_waited 2012-07-01 03:22 pm (UTC)(link)
There's no power anywhere? [ Not that she's bothered to flip light switches or anything; that sort of thing is left to the Doctor. ] It'd be nice to have a central place for everyone to meet up, but who knows what else a fire could attract.

And food? Why not eat the stuff at the carnival?
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Oh, it could attract many things. But I'm positive I am prepared to deal with anything that comes my way. We still have everything that was given back to us by the town after all. [He is a demigod so that helps. Oh and he pauses to finally tear that piece of wood out of the floor.] As for the carnival - I don't trust it. That food can easily be poisoned.

[personal profile] the_girl_who_waited 2012-07-01 03:35 pm (UTC)(link)
[ This must be one of those supernatural kind of blokes judging by the way he talks about the town returning things. Amy's yet to actually have anything returned to her, but she's heard enough. She'll regard him with more caution, but not openly view him as a danger. ]

Poisoned? Why would they start poisoning us now?
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[personal profile] cueball 2012-07-01 04:50 pm (UTC)(link)
Better question is why not. They will always take the chance to try and torture us if they can. That's why we're stuck in this strange place.