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welcome to mayfield: day 3

[Those who wake up in the town on the third day will soon notice that something's definitely off. The cracks in the sky are appearing more frequently and lasting for minutes at a time, and there's a strange white fog drifting over the clouds.

For those who've just arrived, welcome to our new little town! We're sure you're glad to see your missing friends again; nothing to worry about here, they've just been too busy enjoying the upgraded carnival to go back home. Any bleeding limbs or serious wounds you may spot are obviously just a sign of how much fun they've been having.]

OOC: If your character damages or affects the carnival or town in a noticeable and normally permanent way, please comment here.
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[Okay, here we are again. And he hasn't forgotten the injury he recieved yesterday. The Doctor observes the house through the broken window. Giving it a good sonic before reaching into his coat pocket, grabbing his slingshot, and shooting a rock through the broken glass.]
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[Eager to see if she can find one of the creatures Henry had mentioned to her, Olivier enters the tunnel. She walks slowly along the side, sweeping the area with the beam of her flashlight which she's taped atop a pistol in hopes of finding a vent of some sort the creatures may be hiding in. A length of rope is looped across her chest and her free hand sits on the hilt of her sword.]
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[...oh shit

With a sigh, Byakuren picks up a bottle from the crate, dumping over the side of the porch. She starts poking at the spilled contents with a magic-tipped finger, at least hoping it doesn't suddenly dissolve her like acid...
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[Olivier had been taking inventory of her supplies when the necklaces she'd taken from the midway games had disappeared right in front of her along with the box of flint and tinder she'd set them on. Anyone nearby will hear her muttering unhappily to herself as she packs up her supplies back into her bag.]
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[He takes a piece of the swan boat and tosses it experimentally. He was certain he only broke a few of them in his explorations, certainly not the whole fleet. Perhaps someone had followed in his footsteps? Or... his actions taken the furthest extreme by some trick of the town.]

Now that's interesting.
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[Why hello stranger.]

Different from yesterday, I presume?
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[boy is he glad to see the Doctor still alive and kicking. or throwing chunks of swanboat around, as it were...]

What's interesting?
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[Hey Olivier, remember when you said they would probably would part? Yeah, Henry's following you after he saw you go in. He's shining his flash light after you as he follows behind her.]

I thought I saw you come in here.

[Henry looks, somewhat okay. His clothes are cut up and there are obvious gashes along his arms and legs that are bandaged. His bag also has a noticeable chunk taken out of it.]

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[ Here comes one Amy Pond who's all too eager to take a ride on the ferris wheel today. Danger? What danger? She's traveled with the Doctor and with the appeal of potentially gaining a better look of the area from up high, she's not going to deny herself that chance.

For now, she's poking around the lever (having left it untouched thankfully), trying to find out if there's any way to guarantee a safe ride. There just has to be a button that turns off the danger, right?

A few minutes later and she'll be plopping down into her own seat with some enthusiasm. ]
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Well, different is to be expected. Things change when acted upon by force. The problem is, it's a little too different.
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[Cade wakes up to her grumbling. She was still keeping watch over him, right?]

"What's wrong?"
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I broke these boats yesterday. Well, I broke some of them, mostly on accident by the way, not the entire fleet. No more than three and now [He waves his arms about. Supposedly this indicates the entire room.]

They're all broken now.
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main area

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[Whatever that scurrying sound is, it has gotten on Byakuren's last nerves, with the combined stress of the past two days. She is done being elegant. She is done being helpful and pacifistic. So she starts flinging spells every which way. Fire spells, ice spells, water spells, energy spells of questionable origin, she tosses them absolutely everywhere trying to hit whatever is running around in the darkness with her.]
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[Someone has no interest in games or prizes. This is simply the first area outside the funhouse that Remilia stumbled upon, and she is now tearing through it just like she was tearing through the carnival on the other side, breaking down stands, throwing everything around with wild abandon as she rampages about with more strength than her little frame would imply.]

Flandre! Flandre, where are you!?
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[Dropping down beside her.

S'up mom.]

Do have the slightest inkling how annoying it is to have to chase after you and keep you out of danger?
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[Harley looks up at the fog. She's hungry and thirsty and yeah, what the hell. Might as well get a good view of the place.

She'll sit down in a seat.]
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[Anyone inside or immediately outside of the church might notice a loud shriek from a girl who had been lounging on one of the pews, sleeping just moments before.

She's hunched over in the seat, clutching at her leg. Anyone who is curious or concerned enough to approach will notice blood -a decent amount of it - quickly welling up between the girl's fingers.]

O-Ow... ow... what....
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[Rapunzel is inside the church, slumped against a wall. She's tired and scared and she just want this nightmare, so to speak, to be over.

She's half-asleep, really, which... Is probably a bad idea. Someone might want to wake her up... Although she's already awake enough to be singing to herself quietly.]

Greensleeves was my heart of gold, and who but my lady greensleeves...