expiatrice: († the last thing you will see)
Ciel ([personal profile] expiatrice) wrote in [community profile] welcome_rpg 2012-07-02 09:29 pm (UTC)

[...And nothing here should be touched at all cost.

Robed since yesterday and being unable to speak because she stepped up voluntarily to prove exactly that, Ciel is nevertheless going to spend some time here blocking anyone who might be tempted to grab a bite. How? Well...

You don't need a tongue to lay out half a dozen Black Keys around in an attempt to create a binding spell that any normal human would be unable to walk through. Eyes narrowed and wearing a cold and expressionless face, she will also purposefully be openly leaking killing intent. It may not intimidate everyone, but anyone who gets too close will definitely get a chill at the back of their neck, with their common sense and basic survival instincts strongly urging them to turn away because keep going would be a bad idea.

So with a woman in a nun's habit lurking close to the food stand like a guard dog ready to bite anyone who comes too close... Still willing to take a chance, anyone? --Unless you know her. She certainly isn't like this usually, is she?]

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